Broker Price Opinion Orders Are Waiting For You!

Now more than ever banks are in desperate need of real estate agents and real estate appraisers to help complete broker price opinion jobs!

There’s an oversupply of foreclosures across the nation with millions more expected in the coming years, and all these homes need exterior  broker price opinions and interior broker price opinions.

Bank Pays Cash For Broker Price Opinion!

Banks are paying cash for completed broker price opinions!  If you are a licensed real estate agent or certified appraiser you can easily make a steady income completing broker price opinions for banks and asset management companies.

Broker Price Opinion Ordered 3 Times On The Same Foreclosed Home!

The real estate agents and appraisers that jumped on the broker price opinion band wagon are making great money, because what they’ve discovered is that the same foreclosed home can get more than one broker price opinion order!  Ka-ching!  More broker price opinion orders on one home means more money for agents and appraisers that complete these multiple broker price opinions

Every time a short sale gets an offer from a prospective buyer the bank has to order a new broker price opinion, and additional broker price opinions are ordered throughout the closing process.

And if the deal falls apart and the home sits on the market for a couple of months until the next offer another broker price opinion has to be ordered.

This means real estate agents and appraisers are making a great steady income from completing broker price opinions part time.

If you would like to find out if you are qualified for broker price opinion work and would like to sign up to become a BPO agent, you’ve come to the right place!